Skinny Kenny’s photos of Peoria, IL – 1970

Ask any long time streetrodder what’s significant about “Peoria, IL, 1970″, and they’ll tell you it was the first Street Rod Nationals, hosted by Rod & Custom Magazine. Fortunately, my dad attended, as a spectator, and I snagged his slide reel and was able to scan the photos! I also have his “Street is Neat” event button, hanging on the speaker grille in my ’40 Deluxe Coupe.

There’s very few galleries posted of the very first Street Rod Nationals, that I am aware of. While I still had a scanner, that would scan slides, I was able to get these pictures out where the world could enjoy. Please forgive the dark nature of several of the slides, the scanner could only do so much with dad’s camera settings!

Over the years, I have had these posted on the site, but for some reason, through several software updates and my lack of attention, I realized the gallery wasn’t working any longer. It wasn’t until a discussion on the HAMB, recently, that I found the broken gallery.

This slide show is where I first fell in love with flamed ’40 Ford coupes. Gene Sonnen’s ’40 Coupe is one of my all time favorites!

Anyway, here’s the gallery!



The FUN is in the RUN!!!

1st Annual SWMO Hot Rod Hundred (and a half!)

I’m finally getting around to posting a follow up to the SWMO Hot Rod Hundred event that the CrossMembers Car Club put together, yesterday, 4/19/2014. I gotta say, to all the participants, thanks for your patience with us, as we were trying to make adjustments to work through the logistics of our underestimated expectations and the incredible turnout that we had. When I realized that we had over 50 cars that were going to participate, I figured it might be easier to herd a group of cats, but I was gonna hang in there and do my best!

The event is only as good as the quality of people that participate. We had an incredible group of quality people who chose to spend their Easter Saturday with us.

A special thanks to Sheri Vaughn, for letting me borrow these photos, and share her “view through the lense” on the web site. One of the disadvantages of riding point in the roundup, is that you miss out on the experience of the line in front of ya.

There are tons more pictures that I will more than likely be sharing, but I have yet to collect them. Cory McMahon took several hundred shots, and he’s agreed to let us share some of those, too.

Sometime, over the next few days, I will circle back and add captions and such.

Thanks to my fellow CrossMembers guys and their families, for their support in making this thing happen, for BenD and his family, and Steve, for helping Ben prepare the chili lunch and clean up the park, and the whole host of other folks that have served as encouragers and as a sounding board. I would have gone nuts without you all.

Most of all, thanks to all those who participated. Without you, yesterday would have been a solo cruise through the country for me! ;-)



The FUN is in the RUN!!!