Month: April, 2014


542816_382313955185013_1979327839_n Actually, I can’t prove that it does, but according to Google Translate, the above means “The FUN is in the RUN!!!” in Japanese.

One of the cool things about the interwebs and hot rods is that I’ve got hot rod buddies all over the world. I think that it was from some of the mutual hot rod groups, on Facebook, that caused Kiyoshi Tomitsuka and I to get connected online.

I always enjoy Kiyoshi’s photos. Mostly action shots, from being out and driving his ’35 sedan, and there’s usually a blue ’40 sedan, a candy red ’40 sedan, a ’36 Ford Panel truck and a few others along with him.

[portfolio_slideshow id=2282]

Thanks, Kiyoshi, for letting me post a few of your photos.

The FUN is in the RUN!!!