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  1. I have been in to cars of all types for years. I love street rods and own a 1947 Ford Coupe as well as 50 s, 60 s, and 70 s cars. I have been going to NSRA evnets since 1985 and have not missed the event in Oklahoma City since, and I have been going to the Springfield MO event for 12 years straight. I have even gone to the Louisville NSRA show for the last 4 years. I was not a big fan of the change at first but after going to all 3 evnets this year I have no problem with the change. In fact I took my wife’s 70 chevelle convertable to the OKC and Springfield show this year, because my 47 coupe is being repaired because of a wreck a few years ago. I know that every one is entitled to their likes and dislikes but boycotting a show because of them letting later model cars in is like cutting your nose off to spite your face. And just remember one more thing how would you like it if someone called your car a turd just because they did not like it. You would not appreciate it.

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     /  September 11, 2015

    LOL. My ’40 coupe is a beater, at best, and am sure that it’s been referred to as a turd. The ’40 stake truck is a survivor and has plenty of it’s own imperfections. I continue to pay my annual NSRA membership fee and continue to participate at the MidAm event.

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