In the planning stages of a MidWest 1940 Ford gathering to celebrate 80 years of the 1940 Ford.

The venue has been confirmed. The actual event will be held at the Crane, MO City Park. I’ve held off posting a registration form until we got a confirmation on the ending location.

Since there are no hotels in Crane, lodging would be best planned in Springfield, along the James River Expressway, for those coming in from out of town. Crane is about 30 miles from Springfield.

For those who would like to do a more “scenic” route from Springfield to Crane, I will put together a route to take an alternate route through the country, so you can group up and do a small run to the park.

There will be a registration fee which will be used to pay the venue costs as well as provide a T-shirt for each pre-registered participant.

While the event is focused on the 1940 Fords (and even ’39 Deluxe and ’41 commercial Fords), I would imagine that other pre-1949 hot rodders and restorers may want to register and participate in the event. That’s cool with me.

If you have any questions, suggestions, gripes, or just want to say “Hey!”, feel free to e-mail Bret@StreetRodder.Net

To answer the “big” question, while this event is focused on the 80th Birthday of the 1940 Ford, other hot rods are welcome to attend.

To register, please visit the page and be sure to add a note in your PayPal notes of what year, make, model car or truck you are registering.

Thanks a bunch, and we’ll see ya on September 26!