2013 NSRA Mid Am Nats

“Do these jeans make my butt look big?”

This year, I was worse than ever about not taking pictures. It seemed that most of the time, this year, I was distracted by other things. Thankfully, my buddy Travis Miller, from Dewey, OK, allowed me to borrow some of his photos that he shared on Facebook. He’s got a ton of pictures, but I kept my selection to a small group of friends and cars I REALLY like.

My buddy Mickey discovered the value of spending some time to work out the bugs in your car BEFORE an event. He learned it on the way over, Saturday, when his battery gave up half way across town. It turned out that his alternator was DEAD. We jump started him and charged the battery off of my alternator for a bit and got him into the grounds, but he had to do some work swapping alternators there.

Dad’s car still looks cool, after all these years. I teased him all weekend for wearing orange shirts, so he could match his wheels. As we were eating lunch at Steak n Shake, before he left, I even ordered an Orange Freeze to tease him some more!

I did get to meet a few folks that I have traded e-mails and even featured on the site. Joe Gaddy, Dennis Parks and Mo Junk (from the HAMB) all tracked me down and we got to visit. Joe’s 40 Standard is really nice. It was cool to see it in person. Dennis gave me a homework assignment that I am looking forward to doing. I look forward to catching up with Mo Junk, and his brother Wz Junk, over at the HAMB drags, in August.

The last thing about the event…I finally won one of the prizes, after participating in their events for 17 years! The kicker…you have to have your photo ID, your claim ticket and your NSRA Membership card. I didn’t have my membership card, so when I got up there, they told me that they couldn’t let me have the award. I got halfway back to the stands when they called me back and gave it to me. Lesson learned…carry my membership card to the event from now on, so I can save the embarrassment! Anyone interested in $500 worth of RideTech stuff??? I don’t see any future in it for either of my ’40s!

The FUN is in the RUN!!!

Dad’s ’34 Ford Sedan is still one of my favorites!

Speaking of big butts, here’s Mickey’s!

Travis Miller’s Chevy

One of my all time favorite ’40 sedans! Was surprised to see a “For Sale” sign in the window.

Don Weber’s roadster is so cool. He’s owned it since ’74 and has driven the daylights out of it!

Who let this goofball into the event???