Midwest Forty Ford 80th Birthday Gathering

Five years ago, my buddy David Conrad told me I needed to hold a 75th birthday party for the Forty Ford.  I told him I didn’t want to do it, but after all the other 75th celebrations, I thought maybe the 80th would work.

So, around the end of 2019, I got to thinking about what kind of event I would like to go to.  It involved a back road cruise to get to the “destination”, as well as a very low key event with no real agenda.  No trophies, no loud music, just a place to park, hang out, and have some conversations with other Forty owners.

I announced it sometime around January, or February, and opened up registration, just so folks could get it on their calendars.  I had also reached out to B-Scott Studio to have him work up some artwork.  He asked if I had anything I wanted specifically in the artwork, so I told him “Midwest Forty Ford 80th Birthday Gathering” was the only thing specific and told him I trusted him with whatever he wanted to do.

Then the ‘rona hit.  Events were canceled or postponed, and I thought the whole thing was going to fall apart.  Ultimately, I think it was the void caused by the canceled events and such that caused folks to be in the mood for an event like I wanted.  The photos below were “borrowed” from Duncan Cox (the red ’40 standard coupe with American Torq Thrusts).

Enjoy the pics, and consider coming to Springfield, MO on September 25, 2021 when we do it all again, and remember…The FUN is in the RUN!!!