Operation Smooth Shifter – revisited


Today makes somewhere about 2 months that we have been chasing the issues with Dad’s new 350 turbo. It’s been somewhat of a comedy of errors.

Quick rundown:

  • First install – Transmission wouldn’t up-shift out of first
    • replaced modulator
    • replaced governor
    • replaced valve body
      • No change
  • Pulled transmission and installed 2nd one
    • Transmission shifted great
    • Test drove went great
      • Lost all pressure after it got warm
  • Pulled transmission and replaced pump and torque converter
    • No fluid pressure to engage into any gear

This brings us to today.  I’m sure that by the end of the day, the transmission will be out and back in for the 4th time. I’m not upset with the transmission guy, as he came highly recommended to us, but this thing has him totally baffled as to why the new pump and converter didn’t fix the problem. He’s been down to the shop at least 5 times, and has worked with us to pull and install the transmission each time. We’re actually getting pretty quick with the procedure!

Here’s to today’s adventures, and hoping for success!

The FUN is in the RUN!!!