November Miscellany

The pre-hunt photo. She’s an intense little girl!


The past few weeks, I’ve not been doing a whole lot of hot rod related things. I had to swap the coupe and truck’s parking spots again, mainly so I could haul some fence posts, but also because my younger daughter told me she missed the truck!  The truck did get it’s long overdue oil change, though.

Yesterday, I decided to take Gypsi out to re-introduce rabbit hunting to her. Rabbit season’s been open since October 1, but I was out of town, 3 of the 4 weeks of October, and getting up early to rabbit hunt went low on the priority list. The above shot was as we were loading up and getting ready to leave. She rides in the truck, but our older daughter wanted me to get her to pose on the back of the truck.

While I was out of town, this past week, I got an e-mail from Dale and Cynthia, up in Fairbanks, Alaska. Dale told me that they have a ’40 Ford 1/2 ton stake truck, too, and was happy to find pictures of mine. After a few e-mail exchanges, Dale advised me he’d send me a few shots of his truck. Looking forward to that! I’ll ask him if I can share them, at that time.

Here’s a few more pictures, just for fun!

The FUN is in the RUN!!!

She’s grown quite a bit since her first pose in the back of the stake truck!


Gypsi, doing the “Snoopy Dance” in the stake truck. Proves it’s a beagle thing, not just a Snoopy thing!


In the process of moving the truck out, to move the coupe back into the back corner.


Across the street from the house, while swapping garage spots.


Temporarily parked in my driveway.


Hauling off the concrete and rotten fence posts, from the prior week’s fence mending activities.