1940 MorDor update – 4


Took a few quick photos in the parking area.

Last Saturday, we discovered that the HEI distributor would not clear the rear intake runners, so I swapped out an old Edelbrock Streetmaster, and dropped in the distributor, adjusting it to where I thought it should be set.  Here’s what happened when I tried to fire it up.


Since the engine fired up, I stuck it into reverse and backed it out of the shop for a few photos.  Unfortunately, that was before I bled the brakes, so I had to be EXTRA careful. 


The coupe wanted to join in on the photo session.


A profile shot to see how the tire/fender radius fit wound up.  Hoping a little driving will settle the de-arched rear springs just a little more.


The rear tires are a little taller, on the sedan, and the rear fender radius is about 3″ higher than on the coupe.  I’m good with that on a sedan.


This is the RacersRods GM HEI wiring board.  I glued the backing plate to the inner cowl section, and the cover will fit just under the eventual kick panel that will hide it all.  I used the same location in my coupe.

Over the last few days, I was able to swap out the intake, replace some rear brake plumbing and wheel cylinders, bled the brakes, fired the motor and slowly drove it out of the shop.  Felt like some HUGE accomplishments for the weekend.

Tasks for this week:

  • Begin the wiring project, starting with the under hood wiring.
  • Relocate the transmission cooler lines
  • Replace front spring main leaf with a stock one
  • Remove stock sway bar
  • Install shocks

Once those things are done, the plan is to get it to the muffler shop to have the pipes rerouted through the frame, get the radiator repaired, and start putting some miles on it.

Getting closer with each trip to the shop!

The FUN is in the RUN!!!