Making progress

It’s been a few weeks since the last update, and while there’s not a whole bunch of “visual” changes, there has been a lot of progress. I got the Standard gauge panel cleaned up and wired, headlamps and front parking/turn signals wired, distributor cap and wires changed out, and even a trip to the muffler shop.

While driving my coupe back from a “Hot Rod Night” out at Mike’s, I got to thinking that the gauge lamps were too dim to see at dusk. After a few minutes of searching on Amazon, I found some 57 style LED bulbs and proceeded to swap them out in the coupe and the stake truck. You’ll see a photo below comparing the difference the LEDs make. A bit unnatural, but tremendously brighter.

Regarding the exhaust, I had Mark install some 12″ long glasspacks inside the X-member and run 1 3/4″ out the back to just below the rear bumper. Sounds MUCH quieter inside the truck and has a nice low rumble at idle.

Still need to put a vacuum gauge and tach on it to dial in the carb adjustment

I have a few things planned to finish up here at the house before I take it back out to Mike’s to finish up some of the things that are easier to do on a lift. I’ll be posting more photos on Friday or Saturday.

Hoping to drive it up to St Louis, in August, if I have the title work and licensing done by then. Just waiting on the court process.