I hate moving stuff. Packing, moving, unpacking…it gets old quick. Well…that’s what I am finally doing with the StreetRodder Network web site. After a run of over 10 years of hosting the site (and several others) at the house, I have moved it to a large hosting company. I should have done this years ago, but, dang it…I hate moving!

Sorry for the inconvenience, but while the “RodTrot” is uploading to the new server, I have it disabledhostedresource. I am sure I will have some wrenching that I will have to make it work again, but I may even put it into a more user friendly format.

Anyway, be sure, they aren’t lost, but it takes FOREVER to upload over 2.5Gig’s of pictures!

Thanks for your patience, and we’ll get the RodTrot back up as quick as we can.

Bret Chrismer
The FUN is in the RUN!!!