2016 Frog Follies in the beater 40 Mordor 

It isn’t an official trip to St Louis without stopping by the Sullivan Jack in the Box for some tacos!


While the goal of the ’40 MorDor project was to get it on the road and sell it, part of the “selling it” process involves getting it out to where the potential buyers are. One of the goals, if it hadn’t sold by the end of August, was to take it over to Evansville, IN, to the 2016 Frog Follies. I’ll tell the rest of the story, mainly through the captions.

I was running up the highway with my sister, Lori, and brother-in-law, Doug.  Lori snapped this cool shot of the sedan heading east on Hwy 64, somewhere in Illinois.

I caught her in the act of shooting a photo of us, too!

After a long day of driving, walking around talking to folks, looking at cars, and eating at a Chinese buffet, we finally made it to the hotel.  The ’35 pickup belongs to Mike Vance.

We opted to park down near the trees and shade for Sunday. (no, I didn’t take any photos of other cars at the event)

I snapped this one somewhere along the way home, of Doug and Lori’s ’31 Model A coupe in the mirror.

We ran pretty darn hard.  100MPH, on the speedometer, equates out to around 68MPH in real life.

“Hey, hey! See that kids? That’s the St Louis Arch. The Gateway to the West. It’s over 600 feet tall and there’s an elevator all the way to the top. That’s 60 stories, to you and me.”~Clark Griswold

Paying the penalty for not flushing out the crud from the fuel tank.  Had to stop and blow it out of the fuel pickup line.

Racing my shadow down Hwy 65, back in Springfield.

A parting shot of Lori and Doug, as they sped off towards their house south of Springfield.

So…the old sedan made the trip, ran great, with the exception of the few times I clogged the fuel line, and I made it back home safely.  Now, if only to find the right person that NEEDS a running, driving, beater ’40 4 door sedan, I’ll be back on track to put an upholstery in my ’40 coupe.

As always, The FUN is in the RUN!!!





The FUN is in the RUN!!!