Slingin’ the 1Shot

After bringing the ’37 home and sending pictures to all of my hot rod mentors, Dale West asked if we were going to do another parking lot pinstripe job, like he did on my ’40.

Back in 1999, I had just gotten my ’40 painted and flamed, and Dale called and asked if I still had an extra room up in Lou’vul. Dale said that he was going to come up from Sarasota and flame my ’40. This was HUGE, as I have known Dale for about as long as I can remember, and since it was his flame layout (slightly modified to work on a DeLuxe) it was only fitting that he would be the guy to stripe them!

Anyway…here’s the pictures from that hot August night back in 1999, in the parking lot of Extended Stay America, Lou’vul, KY.