Day 2…Springfield to Batesville


When I got the ’37 on Cinco de Mayo (that’s May 5th to the rest of you), the odometer read 1492. Pulling into the hotel, here in Batesville, AR, it read 4796. Granted, the odometer is 20% high, and 1000 of those were driving the car home from New Mexico, but “I’ve been doing me some drivin’!” (in my best Ricky Bobby voice)

Stopped to take a bio break in Mountain View, grabbed a burger and fries from the REAL slowest McDonalds on earth (my Facebook friends will get that one), and heard a “different” sounding engine driving by. I looked up to see a black and slammed pickup taking off from the stop light. Hopped in the ’37 and was hoping to catch up to him. About a mile up the road, I found him and his dad (who had a sweet 51 Ford F-1). We looked over each other’s cars and then I followed them back to their shop to see their other projects. They had a sweet 51 Chevy hard top, an old early ’50’s Chevy ‘burb, and a ’73 Camaro that his brother is building. What stinks is that for the life of me, I can’t remember their names. I gotta work on that!!! (edit: Brad and Jim Broyles. Brad’s slammed truck is a ’45 Dodge)

Anyway, not many pics of the road trip today, but it’s always fun to run in a hotrod!

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  1. Brett, My name is Brad Broyles and my dads name is Jim. Thats my 45′ dodge rat and my dads 51′ f1. It was great to meet you and hope you stop by next time you in town.

  2. Hey Brad,

    I am sorry for being terrible with remembering names! It was way cool to catch up with you and your dad. I honked when I came back through Mountain View, but that was Saturday evening, and there wasn’t anyone at the shop. I may be blasting back through there next week, as I have to follow up on an opportunity that came up while at the golf tournament.

    Say hey to your dad for me, and happy fathers day to you both!


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