E’ville and back

Saturday morning, dad and I got up around 5:00, to attempt to hit the road around 6:00. The morning was beautiful, and we had still not decided 100% on which car we were taking, his ’34 or my ’40. I love both cars, but decided that since it was going to be such a long day, and dad would probably want to nap on the way home, we’d take my ’40, which is way more comfortable to drive.

We finally got out of the Wentzville, MO area by 6:30, after getting gas, hitting McD and talking to an old friend of Dad’s, who we ran into there.

The drive to E’ville was great. We ran between 75 and 80 MPH most of the way. We did pass several other street rods that were better at obeying the 65 MPH speed limit in Illinois. For some reason, my ’40 seems to prefer that 75 MPH speed. The amazing thing is that when I ran the numbers, based on my iPhone’s map and gallons of gas at the pump, we averaged around 18mpg for the trip. Not bad for having my foot in it!


Leaving Springfield.

Guilty Pleasures…Jack in the Box tacos!!!

Interestingly enough…this frog was on the door frame entering Dad’s garage, when I got to his house! God’s confirmation that the Frog Follies were going to be good!

Thanks for letting me park in your RV spot, Gerry!

Blasting down Hwy 40, in my ’40, through St Louis. You can see a little bit of the Arch in the shadows.

Made it to Frog Follies, and this was the first spot that I could find to park.

I could be inspired to paint the ’37 sedan black with flames!

Mike Monroe’s neat ’36 roadster, from Watertown, SD. One of my “top pics” of my favorites of the event.

Love the shot from the back.

Cool little Crosley, running a V8-60 flathead.

Cool ’35 Dodge. Took this pic for my buddy Mickey Lairmore, a big time Dodge fan.

I remember seeing this one in SRM back in ’82 or so. I am gonna have to dig through the collection now! Unfortunately, the pretty blonde in the magazine was nowhere to be found!

The Eastwood & Barakat tribute car.

I’d REALLY like to have a ’40/’41 Panel!

But this one would work. Love the tongue in cheek humor with this one, too.

I drove. The car needs a shave, or washed!

Sun setting over StL.

The Gateway Arch. I think dad must have taken 20 pictures with my iPhone, trying to get a good one.

Dad’s left foot. iPhone misfire!

the “new” Busch Stadium

Will post a few pic’s from Sunday AM and the drive home later.