Driven Dirtier???


This week, I had the first road trip in the ’40 in a few months. Had meetings up in St Joseph, MO, and figured since it’s within the 250 mile range that I had somewhat decided was a “reasonable winter months range”, it was a good time to drive the ’40. I think that the last time I had washed it was in November, and it’s gotten quite a bit of dirt on it from driving and worse yet…cat tracks on it and nail marks where he slid down the roof and decklid! Anyway…with changing the starter, then fixing the oil pressure sending line that I broke, right before the trip, I never got around to bathing the darn thing. Posies does his “Driven Dirty” tour, I figured I was doing a “Driven Dirtier” solo tour!

The trip was good. Ran from Springfield, up highway 13 to 7 to 71 and stopped by to say hey to Jason Slover, at Pete & Jakes. One of the nicest guys I know! I was telling Jason about selling the ’37 and how I had driven the socks off of it, and he made sure to give me an invite to the Pete & Jakes Open House, May 12. (He also asked that I bring friends!!!)

After telling Jason about my upcoming adventure this weekend, he told me to go check out their ’41 pickup that was in the fab shop next door. Super neat mostly stock pickup. REALLY like it!!! Of course…a stop at Pete & Jakes has the obligatory pictures!!!







On to St Joe, and work stuff.

Upon finishing the obligations in St Joe, I found time to run by a few of the historic monuments up there. The Patee House, Jesse James house, The Pony Express Stables, etc. Because I was REALLY interested in high-tailing it back to Springfield, I paused only long enough to get a few shots!





Stopped back in Peculiar, MO, at the Flying J, to fill up the tank. Didn’t want to pop back in on Jason on the way back through, as I am sure they get dropped in on by hot rodders all the time, but as I am turning to go down the ramp to Hwy 71, I see the ’41 sitting out front of the shop. I immediately pulled over and backed up the shoulder of the ramp, around the corner back to Legend Lane, and took a few minutes for a few more pic’s of the ’41!



I think there must have been some kind of law enforcement parade this afternoon, because there sure were a ton of HP, Police and Sheriff cars that I saw on the leg between KC and Springfield! I KNOW I was doing 80 when I came up on one, and figured I was nailed for sure, but I was very fortunate!!!

Tonight, the ’40 coupe is in the garage at my in-law’s house and I have their pickup, for tomorrow is the day that Kelsie and I are going to head up to bring the ’40 Ford stake bed home! Looking forward to the NEXT update!!!

The FUN is in the RUN!!!

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