Hot wings and good discussion!

I got a call the other day, asking if I could meet an old college friend and get Doug, my brother-in-law to meet up with us too. Always glad to get together with friends and eat, especially when it’s hot wings. Unfortunately, one of the specials was a fish sandwich, and I’m always a sucker for a good fish sandwich!

The college buddy that had called me is a regional technical rep for Cardone, and although he still plays with cars, he prefers the off roading Jeep variety! Anyway, Doug and Jesse and I were having a good time and Jesse was asking me about the truck. I had told him and Doug about the frustration that I had been having with my brakes, and how one keeps dragging, and the pressure keeps building in the lines. Jesse thought about it for a few minutes and told me to focus on the master cylinder, after thinking through it.

Tonight, I finally got time to mess with the truck, and as I was checking the brake fluid level, I realized that when I had installed the new master cylinder, I had also added new brake pedal to floor seals on the pedal, causing it to have less travel. As I yanked up on the pedal, to compress the seal, it released the pressure into the master cylinder! BINGO! I finally stumbled across where I had gone wrong. Because I hadn’t allowed for the reduced travel, I wasn’t allowing the master cylinder to release the pressure in the brake lines. It’s fixed. Now I can finally get around to properly adjusting them how they are supposed to be!

Thanks, Jesse and Doug, for the help thinking through this one and helping me narrow down the cause of the problem!

Sorry…no pictures today!

The FUN is in the RUN!!!