Peter Hall’s new project


I love getting e-mails from my folks that I have met, due to having this web site. One of the guys that follows my ramblings is my buddy, Peter Hall, from Melbourne, Australia. Peter and I are both members of the CrossMembers Car Club, and periodically he keeps me updated on stuff going on over in his hemisphere.

Last month, Peter was able to aquire a ’41 Ford pickup. As anyone who visits the site knows…I have a thing for ’40 Fords, and ’40-41 pickups!

Here’s most of Peter’s e-mail note to me, as well as the pic’s that he attached!

As you
can see there is a lot to do before the ’41 is on the road. It’s
complete though & was running / driving before the owner decided to
investigate some small paint bubbles in the door bottoms. Turned out to be “uncleaned” rust repairs rather than a rust issue, but by then he’d dismantled most of the pickup & stripped off most of the paint 🙁 Once I’ve got it home I’ll have a good look at everything & keep you posted.

Strangely it’s got a 21 stud flattie in it. I’ve got a seized 8BA so will try to get it apart, hopefully it’s a useable block etc.

Cheers, Peter.