Too dang hot!


I don’t like to whine, but wow, it’s been so stinking hot that I have been putting off all kinds of tasks on the ’40’s. I’m planning on taking the truck over to spectate at the HAMB drags and I’m still debating which one I am planning on taking to Frog Follies but both need some attention. That requires time in the garage.

Friday, the mailman delivered a grille guard, for the truck, that I bought on E-Bay. It’s got the right amount of “experience” as the rest of the truck does, so it isn’t glaringly out of place.

I did spend all day, Saturday, monkeying around with the stake truck. I was really needing to change the oil, since it had not been changed it since I first got it running. The oil looked good, other than it appeared to have a ton of sludge that got washed out of the engine.

While messing around under the truck, I got a wild hair and proceeded to cut the old muffler off, since it had a gaping hole in it. I ran up to the local O’Reilly store and bought the shortest bodied glasspack (14″) they could get and clamped it into place. One of those times I wish I had a MIG welder and the skill to properly use it!

Yes, the truck would sound better with a set of duals on it with some of Porters, but I am not at that stage with it. My objective was merely just to quiet down the noise in the cab and to give it a little more controlled and vocal exhaust note.

The FUN is in the RUN!!!