Good to be home


The past two weeks, I’ve been traveling for work. Other than getting to drive to church, the ’40s have been sitting in the garage.

Actually, about a month ago, after growing tired of blowing crud out of the fuel line, I finally decided to have Doug order a new tank for the truck.  After draining the old tank, and pulling it out of the truck, which required lifting the bed off of the frame rails, I decided to shake out as much crud out of the old tank as I could.



The coffee can is a 2lb can, and was a little over half full of rusty and crusty stuff!


On Tuesday, of this week, I had to run down to Branson, for a meeting at the office there.  After lunch, I ran by the Grand Country property and took a picture next to the ’38 (or is it a ’39) stake truck that sits out front.

With being gone, for the best part of 2 weeks, I didn’t feel like cutting grass over the weekends, so I finally got around to doing it on Tuesday night.  With the length of the grass, it required bagging it, so I had dumped it all onto a tarp in the bed of the stake truck.  I took a little time, on Wednesday morning, I ran it over to the yard waste recycling center.


Glad to be back home, and glad to be back to driving a ’40 Ford!

The FUN is in the RUN!!!