The Past Year


It’s been a little bit since I have posted anything on the site, but since today is New Years Day, 2013, I felt that I probably should post something.

2012 was a great year. Highlights include:

  • -the last road trip in the ’37 sedan, to surprise my dad, on his 70th birthday
    -selling the sedan and acquiring the stake truck
    -logging 4,000 miles in the stake truck, including the trip to Frog Follies with dad
    -taking my Aunt for about a 40 mile round trip ride in the stake truck
    – and for some non car passions, starting my daughter’s beagle on rabbits!
  • The top picture was taken on Sunday, after church, when I was my own “Holiday Parade” and the middle picture showed me 66 miles from driving the 4,000 miles this year, taken on Christmas Eve Day. The last picture is Gypsi, shortly after we got her, back in July.

    Drive ’em and enjoy ’em! I’m looking forward to doing just that!

    The FUN is in the RUN!!!