Stray Kat 500

Photo snapped by Mandy Burton.  One of my favorite pic's of my truck!, with

(photo taken by Mandy Burton, from


Weekend before last, I finally made it over to the Stray Kat 500, in Dewey, OK. I had sent a fairly short notice e-mail to Dad, about a week before the event, asking if he wanted to run over there with me, and he initially declined. Wednesday, before the Friday of the event, he asked if his seat in my truck was still available! I was pumped, as it was another opportunity to roadtrip with my dad!

On Friday morning, he took off from the New Melle area, around 6:30, in the rain. Before he got to Springfield, it had began snowing, big honkin’ cotton ball lookin’ flakes! We took off out of Springfield, heading for Dewey, in the SNOW!

By the time we got to the Kansas state line, the snow was gone and the roads were dry. When we turned south, near Caney, KS, the sun was shining and the temps were in the 50’s!

Friday evening was very nice, walking around Dewey, meeting up with a few friends and a few new friends! Saturday was just cold and rainy, and Dad and I had about enough fun, by 1:30, and headed back home.

In the week that followed, I wound up selling my late model daily driver F-150 and had the stake truck substitute, in the mean time. The last picture is from the drive home tonight!

Bret Chrismer
The FUN is in the RUN!!!



This ’40 Ford was so stinkin’ cool.


I remember this roadster pickup from when I was a kid, and when it was a fairly fresh build.  I was able to track down the new owner, and hopefully will be able to put together a story on it soon!


Taking rat rodding to a whole new level!




Dr Dave’s Merc and my stake truck.







Photo op on Route 66, in Halltown, MO!


My ride home from work tonight!

3 replies on “Stray Kat 500”

  1. Nice name for the town on Route 66 🙂 Love seeing your photos, thanks for your faithful posting!

  2. Bret, Snow? You know what they say on that other site, no pictures, didn’t happen!
    You alwas find neat places to tke a picture of your rides. I try to look for those now.
    My first show may be this weekend. A friend’s church is having a show, but we are in a pattern of rain on the weekends. So we will see what happens.
    Take care and keep driving, Mike

  3. Thanks, Peter and Mike! Yeah, Mike, I know the whole “Pic’s or it didn’t happen” thing, and I should have made Dad take a picture of the snow on the windshield, but it never really crossed my mind. I’ll have to catch up with Dad and see if he got any pictures on his camera. He was having issues with it the whole time we were gone, so it’s somewhat doubtful.

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