Hot Rod Hundred – Phoenix Style

Last weekend, on April 12, the very first “Hot Rod Hundred” was launched. The event was hosted by Doug Varner and he enlisted the help of Jay Joyce, to come over from California to help with the logistics and serve as the event photographer.

I’ll go back through the photo gallery and update the captions with the ones that Jay included, when he posted these in a thread on the HAMB.

Well, I’ve loaded a few of the over 400 pictures I took. If you want you can go to my albums to see more. I want to give a little play by play on the day if I can……

[portfolio_slideshow id=1977]

Thank you again to all that came out, I enjoyed meeting everyone! For those that didn’t make it, Look for us next year. There you have it, the Crossmembers first Hot Rod Hundred. Those of you waiting to take part in the other runs, Your going to have a blast!

Thanks again,

Thanks, Doug and Jay, for launching the Hot Rod Hundred series. Our Southwest MO event is in 5 days, and I’m still scrambling to get everything together here.

(btw, yes, I know that there are post ’48 vehicles in the pictures, but as I stated before, the Hot Rod Hundred events are ones that I am participating in, as an organizer, and I am making an exception to my standards)

Enjoy the show. (I’m also trying out a new slideshow plugin)

Oh…and if you wanna participate in the SWMO Hot Rod Hundred, here’s the info page. Either Paypal your entry fee to, or show up with your cash, check or charge at the American Legion Post on Saturday.

The FUN is in the RUN!!!

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  1. Yeah, Peter, me too! I do like the Arizona landscape and would have loved to participate. Fortunately, Jay was there and took some awesome photos and allowed me to repost them.

    So…any plans on doing a Hot Rod Hundred on your side of the world? If so, do you do a 100Km/62 Mile run, or do you do a 100 Mile/161Km?

    Looking forward to seeing more shots from your hot rod rides!


  2. Running with a group of rods is always fun. Our trip to Mt Gambier each February (Valentines Run) is 500kms (300mls) each way & is as much fun as the event. The pics on the Lake City Rodders Facebook page show some of the cars on the “official” cruise on the Saturday. Stinking hot weather (40 Celcius plus) which caused a few entrants to stay in their “cool” motel rooms though. Wimps!! If a flathead can survive, anything should survive!! Many events over here involve long distances & most of the cars cope really well.

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