Annual Breakfast in the Park Invitational

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For the past several years, Dickie and Barb Carroll have hosted a breakfast invitational get together. It used to occur on New Year’s morning, but due to the unpredictable midwest winter weather, it got moved to July. That was great news for me, as it makes it an event that I can jump in one of the hot rods and head to StL for the weekend. This weekend, I was able to grab my brother-in-law, Doug, and do our first hot rod road trip in years, logging somewhere near 675 miles, or so!

We took off on Friday afternoon, and headed up to St Louis, each with our own agenda, and discussing what we were wanting to accomplish with our weekend. For me, it involved seeing friends, hot rods, scavenging the flathead Ford motor that I had abandoned in my foolish youth, and the trifecta of St Louis “must stops” for fast food at establishments that they don’t have here in SWMO. This includes Lion’s Choice roast beef sandwiches, Jack in the Box for tacos, and White Castle for some belly bombers.

Doug’s agenda included the trifecta, seeing friends and hot rods, but also included looking at a couple of potential Model A projects. The last was cool, because we got to take a ride over through Alton, IL, up to Godfrey and Brighton.

Anyway, here’s some photos from the adventure, and of the parking area at breakfast.

The FUN is in the RUN!!!