The StreetRodder Network was launched in April 1996 as a web site to show off pictures of pre 1949 Street Rods.  Due to time constraints, busy schedules, apathy, etc…the site has been long overdue for an overhaul. Currently working on getting the photo galleries back up and working and somewhat organized. We’ll see how that goes!


Bret Chrismer
The FUN is in the RUN!!!

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  1. Brett,Good to hear about restarting the site. It has given me and so many others hours of enjoyment over the years. If I can help somehow,let me know. Dickie[Style consultant]

  2. Is there a way that I can find articles written in the past that might cover my problem. Such as how to hook up the wiring on the engine on a early ford. (low voltage on the distributor, coil wires, hooking up the solenoid properly.) The distributor does not use breaker points.

  3. Having really enjoyed your site over the past several years (especially The RodTrot) I’m super pleased to rediscover it via The HAMB (lookin’ thru photos). Also great to see that you’re part of The Hamb Chapel. I looked long & hard at RodTrot pics whilst building my ’36, seeing what others were doing. Good to be back in touch.
    Peter (coupe5w36 on the HAMB)

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