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Skinny Kenny

Here\'s a bunch of pictures of Dad\'s \'34, mainly after Doug brought it down to his shop and we put a new front end under it, rewired it and got it back on the street after sitting in Dad\'s garage for over 25 years.

Dickie Carroll

Dickie Carroll\'s hotrods! He also helped me set up the suspension in my \'40, over 25 years ago, in my \'40 coupe!

Dale West

Mike and Laura Chrispyn

Mike Chrispyn is the NSRA Special Events Coordinator that handles the Western, Mid America and Southeast Nationals events. His wife, Laura, runs the registration for those events.

Dave Conrad

Jerry Eckholdt

Ken Volz


Here\'s some pictures that Jim Simpson, of Tulsa, OK, and I did at the 2002 MidAm Street Rod Nationals. I was bummed to find out that Jim passed away this past December, after a long fought battle with Parkinson\'s Disease.

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  1. Hey Brett , i thought you were long gone after the lawsuit — it’s been a long time and you may not remember me , i was among the first on your site years ago with my 40 coupe pics which you said were just about like yours . that coupe is long gone now but currently i have a 40 ford conv. a 33 ford 2 dr and a 55 cehev hardtop. I’ll e mail some pics .

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