NSRA Events

Peoria 1970

The very first Street Rod Nationals!

Cory McMahon MidAm Pics

Met Cory McMahon at the NSRA event. He was shooting a Canon digital, through the viewfinder of a Kodak Duaflex II from the 50\'s. No photoshopping, all lens. COOL stuff. Enjoy!

Memphis 71

My first \"Nationals\". I have some fond memories of this one, mainly of the drive there, and then accidentally tossing Dad\'s shifter knob out the window on the way home. Talk about being in trouble!!! Sorry the pic\'s are dark...scanned them off of dad\'s slides.

Tulsa 1973

The second nationals I got to attend, somewhere around 7 years old.

NSRA MidAm 2002

NSRA MidAm 2003

NSRA MidAm 2004

NSRA MidAm 2005

NSRA MidAm 2011

Had good intentions for taking lots of pictures...just didn\'t happen!

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  1. not sure how to respond to this, but you just shweod that you are a hypocrite in what you wrote, i’ll explainif you knew that its important to show, how to get your message across effectivelythen how is for me to listen to your point, when you ended it with an insult lolbut, i do understand your concern, and yes actually first impressions do come first, but however it distorts the truth of what character you are and what your true intentions are.dont judge a book by its covers

  2. Hey Claudio,

    Thanks for your comment, and I appreciate your calling me a hypocrite.

    The NSRA set the definition of what a “Street Rod” is here:


    What is a Street Rod?

    At no time in history have Americans been as interested in specialty automobiles as they are today. Be it a rebuilt old car or a newly constructed, limited production, special interest vehicle, this is the era of the unique to anyone interested in automobiles.

    One of the fastest growing groups of enthusiasts interested in the older cars are street rodders; the owners and builders of street rods. A street rod is the most practical type of old car. By definition a street rod is: An automobile of 1948 or earlier manufacture which has undergone some type of modernization, to include any of the following; engine, transmission, interior refinements, and any other modifications the builder desires. A street rod is to be driven to events under its own power and is to be used as a safe, non-racing vehicle for total family enjoyment.

    By opening their events to the “rolling 30 year” qualification, it negates what they define as a “street rod”.

    The only cars “featured” on the StreetRodder.Net site are cars that are ’48 and older.

    I still attend the NSRA Springfield, MO event. The reasons that I do are as follows:
    1. It’s in my home town.
    2. It’s an excuse to ditch work on Friday.
    3. I get to hang out with my dad and my old car buddies.
    4. I try and ignore the post ’48 cars.

    For the record…I do have automotive interests outside of what is defined as a “Street Rod”, however, I would not drive my ’54 F100 to a “Street Rod” event.


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