Wow, what a difference!

Just finished up installing the passenger side rear shock mount, and got both new shocks installed.  Something that shouldn’t take very long, and is as “simple” as unbolting stuff and bolting it back up, always becomes more complicated.

When Dad and I got gas, as we were leaving Albuquerque, the odometer read 1492.  After taking a test spin, with the new shocks, it was showing nearly 2900.  Now…I know that the speedometer/odometer is about 20% high (until I swap out the speedo gear!)  That equates out to approximately 1175 “actual” miles.  Of those 1175 “actual” miles, about 835 of them were driven with at least one broken shock absorber mount or with NO rear shocks.

I say all that stuff to say, “Wow, what a difference!”.  I sent an order to Pure Hot Rods on Sunday night (bought their shock mounts on E-Bay, after seeing them on the H.A.M.B.), and they were at my door on Wednesday afternoon.  Other than needing to shave a little off the back, to clear the radius of the axle tubes, the only other thing I needed to do to them was shoot some black paint on them and bolt them up!

I was able to use some Monroe-Matic Plus (part number 32207) shocks that bolted right up and have the right amount of travel.  Test drove it about 10 miles, and car drove so much nicer than even when I first drove it in Albuquerque.  The rear suspension feels so much more firm, but not stiff.  Before the shock mounts broke, it felt a little more harsh, but I can’t really pinpoint the cause.

Anyway…new shock mounts on the back have totally changed the ride of the ’37 for the better.  Looking forward to putting some miles on it this summer!