Not Street Rods Anymore? (NSRA)


This weekend was the NSRA Mid American STREET ROD Nationals (plus). While I had a great time hanging out with my friends, and talking to some pretty cool folks, (and even got a hug from Laura Chrispyn, who know’s I’m probably one of the grumpiest folks that she knows about the whole “rolling 30 year old” change to the events), I would be lying if I said that I was not disappointed with the event.

I have had extended conversations with several NSRA reps, all the way up the ladder to Bubba Bugg and Vernon Walker, about how I am disappointed in the NSRA’s decision to open up their events to any vehicle that is 30 years old or older. The proof was in the proverbial pudding, however, in that out of 33 cars chosen for awards, 18 of them were “late models” or ’49 and newer. That’s 54.55% or more than half that were NOT Street Rods.

The NSRA’s web site defines a Street Rod as such:

By definition a street rod is: An automobile of 1948 or earlier manufacture which has undergone some type of modernization, to include any of the following; engine, transmission, interior refinements, and any other modifications the builder desires. A street rod is to be driven to events under its own power and is to be used as a safe, non-racing vehicle for total family enjoyment.


Am I gonna shred my NSRA membership card…No. Will I continue to participate in their events…yeah…I probably will, as long as they continue to have one here in Springfield. Will I continue to keep an NSRA sticker on the windshield of my hot rods…NO.

Sorry for being a curmudgeon over the whole pre ’49 thing, but it’s what I believe. Wish the NSRA still believed in it.

Meant to take more pictures. Here’s some cars that I actually liked.

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  1. keep up the faith, many of us know what a street rod is,,,,and keep them on the street.

  2. LOL…yeah, Dale, I know it, but dang it…gotta take the opportunity to remind the NSRA what the heck it is that the organization was based on…pre ’49 vehicles.

    When they started featuring late models on the cover of Streetscene, as the “lead” object in their event art, and choose more late models for awards than Street Rods, it’s what many of us are guilty of…over compensating for the change they made.

    Hopefully, Vernon and Bubba will remember, adjust accordingly, and move on.

  3. Hello! First off, thank you for putting a picture of my yellow 40 Ford pickup on your website. Me and my Dad did every thing on the truck except the upholstry and I am proud of that! I will have this truck as long as I am alive (I am 45) and its an honor that someone else can appreciate it!
    Secondly I agree that the distinction between Streetrods and others should have retained its clear lines! I used to correct people who said there 50’s car or musclecar was a streetrod quickly! I took the part in the pride of pre 49 distinction in my rides. I do understand the reasoning behind the NSRA’s change (the allmighty dollar) but like so many of us I wish that was not the determining factor of our passion! I admit my son has a 68 Mustang that I built and my daughter will drive our 67 Camaro, but I will forever miss the “class of our own” in the true streetrods. Change is sometimes painfull!!

  4. Hey Ron!

    Thanks for swinging by the site. I had good intentions on taking lots of pic’s this year, but you know what they say about good intentions!

    I actually didn’t walk much of the grounds this year, and just happened by your truck. I wish I would have taken more pictures of it, but I was trying to catch up with my dad, who was heading the other direction. If you have some that you would like to share, I will gladly add it to the “Readers Rides” page. You should be proud of the job that you and your dad did on the truck. It looks great!

    I have had my conversations with the NSRA brass, and have tried to articulate the concerns that I have. It’s a shame that they implemented the change the way that they did, which I feel has over compensated, in favor of the late models.

    Us mid ’40’s guys gotta keep after it. I am looking at hitting the ASRA event up in the KC area in July. Don’t know if you are going to head up that way, but if so, I would like to catch up with you.

    Catch ya later!

    The FUN is in the RUN!!!

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