“Stick a fork in it” and “Beep Beep”


So…the cars are all gone, the people have all gone home, and I am having the same withdrawals that I have every year, when the NSRA MidAm Nats are over. Even though I gripe about the late models, the fact of the matter is this…the NSRA event in Springfield is an awesome time for me. I get an opportunity to hang out with my hot rod mentors, Dad, Dickie, Dale, Don, Conrad (who wasn’t here this year) Jerry and Jim. Thank you guys for inspiring me, and for teaching me about what street rods are about.

On a totally unrelated note: Sunday night, I was driving the ’37 over to a friends house, and got chased about 2 miles by a guy on a Honda Metropolitan scooter. (starts to conjure up images of the guy getting his suspenders hung on my rear view mirror!) I kept thinking of that joke, and the song “Beep Beep” as I kept looking in my rear view mirror, seeing him roaring down the road on his little scooter, for all it’s worth!

I get to my buddy’s house, and sure enough…here comes the scooter guy, roaring around the corner to talk to me. He’s about wetting his pants over the ’37, and would I know anyone who could help him with his ’37. Says he’s got an all stock ’37 humpback “barn find”. It still has shiny black paint, but has some damage from where something fell on it. The more I get talking to this guy…the more I am intrigued. Finally, he asks if I want to see his ’37. I’m late getting to Mike’s house, but I can’t resist…I GOTTA see this ’37!

I tell him to jump in my ’37, and let’s ride over to his place to see his sedan. We get to his house, and he opens up the garage. There, hiding in the back of his garage, is a beautiful ’37 Ford Humpback sedan, stone stock, shiny black paint, a broken drivers side back glass and a dent that separated the weld seam between the top and the hump, near the passenger side hinge.

He’s asking me if I know anyone who can help him put a 350 in it, with an automatic and a 9″ rear end, and I am thinking that all this car needs is a carb rebuild, a gas tank boiling, new fuel lines, some juice brakes, a dropped axle and a set of dual glasspacks!

I made sure that I got his name and number! I also plan on staying in touch with him on this one!

It’s a great thing, to drive hot rods! You never know who you will meet, or what treasures you may discover!