Joys of Ownership update…

To follow up on the prior ’37 update, the good news is that progress is being made!

The guys over at Mitchem Tire were able to track down another set of 165/15 tires for me.  I was able to get the front hub caps off without any words that would get my mouth washed out with soap, and the new tires have been mounted, balanced and wheels back on the car.

I finally got a chance to put a new ground lead on the two fans and test them independently, to verify that they were not burned up.  GREAT NEWS!!!  I also was able to take the wire that goes to the switch in the intake manifold off, attached a scrap piece of wire, and grounded it to the engine block, and made both fans turn on.  This would indicate that the switch is not working, since it is supposed to “ground” when it reaches the appropriate temp.  I ran the temp up to a little over 200, and it never kicked the fans on.

Tonight, I will drain the radiator and pull the switch out of the intake manifold, see if O’Reilly can come up with one that will work.  I need to get the fans working before I take it over to Greg’s house, to have him help figure out if we need to re-flash the computer, or if I just have some weird electrical gremlins.

In the mean time…I am cruisin’ in the ’40, and may be driving it back to Batesville AR this week.  😉

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  1. Must admit I’ve never trusted thermo switches – too much drama if they fail. I always keep an eye on the temp gauge & flick a switch if I see the temp creep past a certain point.

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