Back to Batesville, but this time, in the ’40!

A little video from the road, just north of Marshall, AR.


I had a great opportunity for a couple of projects to work on with the hospital down here in Batesville, so I got to do another road trip! Since I did 800 miles in the ’37 last week, I had already decided that this week, the ’40 was the ride of choice! Besides…I had ordered a fan switch for the ’37, and it hasn’t come in yet. Also…it wasn’t until I was part of the way down here, when I thought that I could have just bypassed the thermal switch, and just used a manual toggle switch!!!


I had meetings in Ozark and in Branson, before heading down here to Batesville, so it wound up being another nice “evening” ride. When I got to Mountain View, I cruised the lot of my new buddies, Jim and Brad Broyles, but they weren’t around, so I power parked and snapped a pic!


I hit Batesville during the “magic hour” for photos, so I made a quick run south to Mark Martin Ford for a couple quick pics, before meeting up with one of my customers for dinner.


The ’40 ran great and rode like a dream! Gotta admit…parallel leaves and my high geared rear end make highway miles in the ’40 a real pleasure. Man, do I like that hot rod!!!

Remember, the FUN is in the RUN!!!

Bret Chrismer