Sunday Pic’s, Round 2


Up at Dad’s house this weekend, and he tells me he wants me to listen to the noise his rear end is making. Some things never change!

Ok…he was talking about the rear end in his ’34. He said that he noticed some noise in it when he was driving it the other day. I figger’d it to be a good opportunity to take some pics in my usual posing locations, for grins.








3 replies on “Sunday Pic’s, Round 2”

  1. Obviously, I couldn’t resist the joke, either! Prior to going for a ride in his car, we were sitting around the island at his house, and the thought of the opportunity to make a funny post hit my mind, and I got go laughing to myself. Unfortunately, without some neat pictures, the post would have just been stupid “guy humor”, but with the pictures, it’s still stupid guy humor, but with eye candy to go along with it!

    Thanks for visiting the site.

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