I love getting e-mails from guys that take the time to visit the site. I REALLY like them when they come with pictures, and even more, when they are pictures of their street rod while out driving them!

Here’s a note I got this morning from Mike Housand. Thanks, Mike!


Seeing you drive your cars inspires me.

Daughter was on Fall Break last Thursday and the wife didn’t have to baby-sit the grandkids, so we road around in the old car. It rained (lightly) all day and was cold and windy. But we went out in the old car.

I included a few pictures from the trip.

First is before we left, it was raining a little more then.

Second is through the windshield (it flashed and all you can see is the windshield.

An old building that was the post office in Norman Station, IN, on Route 58.

Love your pictures.






Thanks for sending me the pics and letting me share them with the rest of the folks out there.

The FUN is in the RUN!!!