Happy Inbox!

I love waking up and finding e-mails from people who follow the web site. You never know where in the world they are going to come from, and this morning’s e-mail came from over 9,000 miles away (according to Google Earth)!

Hi Bret, thought I’d send in some pics. The shots of the ’36 were taken
a couple of months ago on the way to visit our son-in-laws parents who
live a 4 hour drive away in country Victoria. As usual, the flattie just
purred away & the trip was most enjoyable. Whilst I drive the coupe
daily, there’s nothing like hitting the highway or country back roads &
cranking-up the miles. The shot of our old ’32 roadster was taken early
in the morning of a 6 hour trip to a swap meet. As you can see from my
wifes’ outfit, it was super cold & a bit frosty/misty as well. The ’32
was also a daily driver & one I deeply regret selling.

I really enjoy checking the site each evening & love to see the various
photos that you put there. Thanks for all your efforts. Love to see a
bit of the US countryside also.

Thanks, Peter.


Thanks, Peter, for contributing to the site! It’s always cool to get e-mails, and especially pictures!

The FUN is in the RUN!!!