Favorite pictures…

The FUN is in the RUN!!!

I was digging through my stash of pictures and came across this picture, of Dickie Carroll, driving my ’40 coupe, looking over towards me, driving his ’34 roadster. I ran it as the lead photo on the web site for a while.

This was my very first trip to the NSRA Street Rod Nationals (back when they knew that street rods were 1948 and older), and at each gas stop on the way down to Lou’vul, Dickie asked me if he could drive my ’40. I kept telling him no, but wouldn’t say any more than that. For me…I wanted to be the guy that put 100% of the mile TO Lou’vul on my ’40, so that when I said “I Drove”, I was 100% true.

This picture was shot on the way home. 😉

Part of the significance for me is that Dickie is the guy that has been my main hot rod mentor.  He helped me set up the chassis on the ’40, and helped guide me as I got the thing going.  Also…it does document that I have driven his ’34 roadster in my “Stroker McGurk” cap, as a salute to Tom Medley!


Hope you all enjoy the picture!

The FUN is in the RUN!!!