Jeff City Trip

More to come…

Ok…finally getting back to this post.

Thursday was the MoBroadbandNow Summit, 2011, in Jefferson City, MO. To not create a political debate, I will say that it was a great opportunity to drive the ’40 up to Jeff City.

I could say that the trip was really cool, in fact, cold! The temperature had dropped to about 40 degrees, and the ’40 has never had a heater. Combined with the dried out rubber weather stripping, etc, it was quite breezy and cool in the car. Perhaps I should go ahead and put in the new weather stripping that I bought 10 years ago…

The significance of taking the ’40 to Jeff City, is that my very first road trip in the ’40 was to the labor day car show there in 1995. The trip was somewhat eventful, with a thrown harmonic balancer, shredded fan belt, and clogged fuel lines and a rear wheel bearing and seal that was bad. Fortunately, this week’s trip there only involved a little cool weather.

I’ll have to find the pic’s of the original trip.

Have fun driving them!

The FUN is in the RUN!!!