Late night tonight!


I didn’t get down to Show-Me Rod & Custom until around 7:30 tonight, and had all the intentions in the world to get the necessary stuff wired so that I could “start” the truck again, this time as a 12v Negative ground. I REALLY should know better!

Since I had the new tires and wheels, I couldn’t resist taking them down and mounting the 3 that I could onto the truck, then take pictures! I dig the super tall tires in the back, but it really needs about 2″ dropped all the way around. Fortunately, I have the Posies spring for the front and I think the ’40 Coupe’s original spring will do the trick on the back, but that will be a next weekend job (after the brakes are finished!)

Regarding the re-wiring…I got the starter solenoid wired to the starter, alternator, coil and the relay for the momentary start button is 2/3 of the way finished. I still have to run my ignition switch connections, and then I will start on the lights.

I still have to re-shoe the rear brakes and finish replacing wheel cylinders, but my shoe relining stuff won’t be here until next weekend. Getting SO close!!!

Looking forward to how far I can get the wiring tomorrow!

The FUN is in the RUN!!!