LARS Bound!


Well…not me, but Dick Carroll is. He and Larry Gereau just finished refreshing his ’34 roadster and reuniting the car with it’s fenders, after 35 years! Since he finished the car, back in 1978 or so, it’s been wearing a vintage set of American Racing 5 spokes and has been the epitome of what a hotrod should be.

I’ve had the pleasure of riding in this roadster quite a bit, when I was a kid, and I even got to drive it from Mount Vernon, IL to St Charles, MO, on the way home from the ’99 NSRA Nats, down in Lou’vul.

Don’t let the fenders fool you. It’s still got the 454 under the hood and will still fry the hides in a flash. It’s just got a little more conservative look to it now.

Dick said that they raised the back of the car up a little over an inch, just for the trip to LARS and back, due to the extra weight of luggage, etc. I’m looking forward to getting to see it in person.

Keep your eye out for Dick Carroll and Don Albers, as they make their way across to LA and back. Dick said that they were going to be doing several garage tours on the way out and on the way back and will be hitting the NSRA Pueblo event on the way home. Wish I could tag along! Thanks, Barb, for shooting these sneak peek shots for us!

The FUN is in the RUN!!!




Here’s a shot of Dick’s roadster, from the 2004 NSRA Mid-Am Nats, in Springfield, MO. (my ’40 coupe can be seen in the background)

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  1. Man I love Dicks roadster. Just what I would like to have. Boy am I jealous of the car and the trip.

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