A “Twofer” Saturday! Bonus post


I’m real bad about avoiding cruise nights and car shows. I’ve got a limited duration capacity. I’m ok with it, because I know my limits. I usually try and park so I have an easy exit, and I know that at an hour and a half, I am saying my goodbyes and heading towards the car!

Tonight, I decided to participate in a Local cruise night, and spotted Mike Meeker’s ’36 Ford. I know Mike has a similar duration capacity, so I snagged the spot next to him.

Mike builds such awesome cars, and is also a fan of “going” rather than “sitting”, so I took the opportunity and  snapped a few shots.

The FUN is in the RUN!!!






2 replies on “A “Twofer” Saturday! Bonus post”

  1. Would you stop it please. I am trying to finish up my brothers F1 pickup and you are making me want to get in the 40. NEAT 36.

  2. LOL. Sorry, Joe. I don’t have any adventures planned for today, but then again, I just got home from church. Who knows what the afternoon will hold.

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