Solo Saturday Trot


Yeakley Chapel UMC – Established 1853. My buddy, DJ Schoolcraft pastors this church.


While discussing a future 100 mile “Reliability Run”, I got the itch to take a ride in the coupe and go exploring a potential route. Part of my plan was to also swing south and stop by Griff’s C.A.M. Shop, where I got the engine for the coupe.

From Griff’s, I meandered over to Ozark and met up with Cubby, from the HAMB, and sold him a 1951 Missouri license plate.

It was a fun time, and the total route, for today, was only 83.4 miles, according to google maps.

The FUN is in the RUN!!!


The Intersection of Hwy 266 (Route 66) and S Farm Road 45. Turned out to be a neat picture, even though I was concerned that the rumble of my exhaust pipes were going to cause it to fall over on the car!


A neat little store in Halltown. Unfortunately, both times I have stopped, they have been closed!


The text at the bottom of the church sign says: “…go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.” Luke 14:23 Challenge accepted!


The Gay Parita Sinclair Station. I stopped and talked with the owner for about an hour. He loved the coupe and opened up the garage and let me look around inside at his treasures! I had a great time visiting with him.


Another cool old gas station, this time a Phillips station, and I parked on the correct side to fill up. Unfortunately, they had no Ethyl, or any gas, for that matter.


I’m a sucker for a photo op on a bridge like this. Reminds me of the opening credits to “The California Kid”, when Martin Sheen first rolls into town!


Stopped by and visited with Gus Griffin. His dad built the 350 that is in the coupe, back in 2002. Great guys that build great engines!

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