St Louis Hot Rod Hundred Reliability Run

Rolled all 7's on the way back to Dad's house, in New Melle.  Was feeling pretty lucky!
Rolled all 7’s on the way back to Dad’s house, in New Melle. Was feeling pretty lucky!

This past year, the CrossMembers Car Club decided to host a series of “Hot Rod Hundred Reliability Runs”. Deciding to leave the confines of parking lots and lawn chairs in exchange for the car seats, steering wheels, and some rural routes, we hosted events in Phoenix, AZ, Springfield, MO, Oklahoma City, OK, Dallas, TX, with the last one was St Louis, MO. What a blast to work with my fellow club members to plan and host these events!

This past weekend, we did the final 2014 Hot Rod Hundred, in St Louis, MO, with 62 cars at the final destination. This event was special to me, since I grew up in the St Louis area, and we had many of my “hot rod mentors” participating. We were somewhat concerned with the weather, since it had been raining for a few days before Saturday, and the forecast didn’t look good. Fortunately, later on Friday, the forecast for Saturday dropped to a low chance of rain!

My role, in the St Louis run, was collaborating with Clay Vance to come up with a cool route, to take care of the registrations, and do what I could to promote the event. Clay made all the local arrangements, for our starting location, stops along the way, and lunch plans at the final destination. He also did the dry run of the route, to scout for all the above stuff!

The route started by meeting at the Museum of Transport, in St Louis, and took us over to Illinois Hwy 3, south through Waterloo, Red Bud, Prarie Du Rocher, Chester, IL. We crossed back over into MO, and stopped for fuel at Perryville, MO, and finally made our way over to Vance Vineyards, in Fredericktown, MO.

There’s so much that I could say about the weekend, but wow, what a great time! Hanging out with friends and making new friends is what it was all about.

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The FUN is in the RUN!!!

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  1. Thanks guys for putting such a great event together. It was a real pleasure getting together with a group of great folks and fine rods. It was worth every mile in the rain to do the first St Louis HRH.

  2. Absolutely our pleasure, Gary. Glad to have been part of your hot rod adventure. Dan Hay is in the planning stages of the Dallas area Hot Rod Hundred. Clay and I are working on our plans to make it down for that. I’ll keep you on the loop when he decides to announce the date.

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