Overdue updates

Man, I have a bunch of stuff to post, but I have been really slacking.

First update: Dad’s ’34 Sedan

I ran it out of gas on the way home!

It’s finally buttoned up and ready for it’s first out of town cruise. It’s going to make it’s first trip to Dewey, OK, for the Stray Kat 500. It still needs new carpet, but we’ll leave that for Dad to get taken care of.

Second update: T-Coupe


Doug got the front end back under the car, and we got a set of proper front wheels and tires under the front. Took it out for a test ride and it made a HUGE difference. We still have some items on the punch list, including some new rear coil-overs, fixing a leak in the oil pressure sender line, and a leak in the rear brake lines, but it’s darn close to being drivable for the summer.

Third update: the off topic ’54 F100


After a year and a half of on and off again activity, and after a curiosity call about a Craigslist advertisement, I wound up trading the ’54 for a ’40 Ford 4 door sedan.



While I thought I’d really like to get the ’54 going, I just never could fully commit to pulling it apart to fix the rust in the cab. The goal with the ’40 sedan is to get it running, make it a driver, and have fun with it until either my daughter Kelsie gets some driving time under her belt, or somebody offers me more than what I have in it, whichever comes first.

I’ll be tied up for the next few weekends, but I am working on my list of “to do’s” for the sedan. A bunch of cleanup, a total rewire, and some much needed suspension adjustments are on the short list.

We also did the 3rd Annual SWMO Hot Rod Hundred Reliability Run, at the end of March, and I haven’t even mentioned it. Be sure to check out Quentin Brown’s coverage here: http://www.artdirectorandhotrodder.com/event-coverage-3rd-annual-hot-rod-hundred/

If you decide you need to be a part of one of these events, be sure to visit http://Hotrodhundred.com

The FUN is in the RUN!!!