Project Re-Wire!


Saturday, I ran down to the shop to work on the truck. This time, my daughter, Kelsie, decided to tag along. We didn’t get a whole lot done but we did make some progress with a few things.

Kelsie helped me swap out the fuel filler neck hose and install a fuel filter. Unfortunately, even though the carb had been rebuilt not long ago, it seemed to have some clogging in it. I pulled it off for a disassembly/clean/reassembly. I removed the old Ahoogah horn, so that I could verify the VIN stamping on the frame rail, so I could get an ID/OD written up. In the process of pulling out the horn, I determined that there is way too much rotten wiring in the truck, and a total rewire is necessary. In the process, I have also decided that I am going to make the jump to migrate the truck from 6V to 12V.

I’ve had the chance to wire a couple of cars, and I definitely have a preference when it comes to the “types” of wiring panels that I want to use. My preference is to use one that is NOT pre-wired, as I find them to either have way too long of runs or way too short and usually have way more wire in them than I need. After consulting with Jerry Eckholdt, he steered me towards using a panel from Affordable Street Rods.

I called and talked to Rex, and we determined which panel would be best. Due to my quirkiness, I decided to not get their pre-packaged wire kit with it. I believe that I am going to wire everything in a single color wiring scheme. Since they are in Kansas, and UPS picks up by 2pm at his shop, I could possibly have this stuff by tomorrow!

I will be updating along the way. Hopefully I will do a decent enough job with wiring that I will post pictures!

Looking forward to meeting Rex and Rich, when they come down to Springfield, for the NSRA Mid-Am Nats!

The FUN is in the RUN!!!